Cheap Hotels in Million $$ Locations: Lago Traf úl (Patagonia)

Lago Traful, Patagonia/Eddy Ancinas

Lago Traf úl, Patagonia/Eddy Ancinas

Lago Traf úl is one of the forty + lakes that sparkle like sapphires in the lake region of northern Patagonia, but this lake is special.

One small village (Villa Traf úl pop. 500), a dirt road around one side and nothing else but blue, blue water. Stay here a week or a year and fish, hike, explore and gaze at the stars.

Eat with the locals at Nancu Lahuen. Sleep in a campground or the Marinas Puerto Traf úl.

You can arrive by car or bus from Bariloche on the 7 Lakes route via Villa Angostura, or on RP65 from Confluencia.

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