Travel Tips: San Antonio de Areco


Go:   68 miles (112km) west of Buenos Aires off Route 8.

How:   Hire a Remis (car and driver) – about US$50.00 one way.
Bus:   Chevallier has daily service to/from Buenos Aires.
Hotel Draghi ~ Matheu 380, Tel:2326-455583
Patio de Moreno ~ Moreno 251 S.A. de Areco, tel 2326-455197.
Antigua Casona ~ Segunda Sombra 495 tel 2325 15 684000
Estancia El Ombú ~ Ruta 31 Cuartel 6.   Tel: 02326-492980.   Open Nov-March,   horseback riding, sulky rides, folk music pool. Three meals, wine and afternoon tea included. Need a car to get to Areco

Cafe de las Artes Bolivar 70, La Esquina de Merti ~ Plaza Arrelano 147. (left)  Tel: 2325/456-705
Almacen de Ramos Generales ~   Zapiola 143,   tel 0452961


SHOP ~ silver buckles, knives, jewelry, mates. Ponchos, hats, leather boots and belts, braided rawhide rope, reins, horse tack—everything for horse and gaucho.
Gustavo Stagnaro ~ Arellano & Matheu,
Miguel Rigacci ~ Belgrano 381
Draghi Museum and shop ~ Arellano 45 Camilo Fiore~hand-crafted leather boots, belts Av, Vieytes 632

NIGHT LIFE Puesto la Lechusa ~ Costanera Aquiles Pazzaglia Tel 02326-454542. This pulpería, built in 1890, is where the gauchos went in search of food, music and camaraderie. A guitar was always available, and the man who played it drank as a guest of the house. Go there for the atmosphere, especially a “guitarreada” (guitar playing, singing by various guests). Don’t miss the photos of local gauchos.

NICE TO KNOW: Ricardo Güiraldes’ (1886-1927) literary classic, Don Segundo Sombra (1926), in which Güiraldes elevates the gaucho from outlaw to a man of honor, was inspired by don Segundo Ramirez, a wrangler on Güiraldes’ father’s ranch near San Antonio de Areco. Both the author and Don Segundo are buried in the town cemetery.

Museo Gauchesco Ricardo Güiraldes ~ In the Parque Criollo. Open-11-5, closed Tues   tel-02326 45-5839 ( contains items related to gaucho life, folklore and the literary past of Don Segundo and Guiraldes.   Paintings by Alberto Güiraldes (Ricardo’s cousin) depict scenes of rural life.

Museum Las Lilas ~ 279 Moreno Thurs-Sunday 10-8Pm Molina Campos-art gallery

Tourist Office (Dirección de Turismo) Zerboni & Arellano. Tel/fax : 02326-453165